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Exhibition freight forwarding
specialists since 1997

Look at us as an all-inclusive tour operator for your exhibition goods. We take care of your exhibition materials all the way from your location to the stand area – and home again. We always leave a free quote before commencing transportation.

We’re there, every step of the way

We take care of all transports, we issue all necessary documents for customs, export, etc. and arrange for storage of packaging materials during the event. We
follow your goods throughout the trip, making sure everything goes according to plan – all the way to the exhibition floor, and then home again. This way, you
can concentrate on the event itself.


All work is undertaken under our standard trading terms and conditions, General conditions of the Nordic association of freight forwarders, NSAB,
latest edition.


Integrity policy 

Proud member of IELA –
global network, local knowledge

IELA is a worldwide trade association dedicated to enhancing
the professionalism of the transportation logistics and
freight handling segments of the exhibition & event industry






How do we bring the
exhibition stand to Mumbai?

Participating in a trade show and getting your exhibition material to the right place at the right time means many things to consider, especially if the event takes place outside the borders of Sweden. Here, we’re happy to assist you. We arrange all documentation,
storage and transportation right up to your location at the fair. And when the event is over, we make sure the material is retrieved and returns home. Or on to its next destination, if so desired.

A vast network and selected suppliers

Shipping, as well as customs regulations, varies in different parts of the world. Here, we make use of our vast worldwide network of agents. Each agent knows exactly how things work in their region, this way you can be sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.
For each mission, we choose the best transport provider for that part of the world. And for road transports within Europe we ask that every driver speaks English or German so that we can communicate with them all the way in case something should happen.

Our experience is your security

Every mission is different from the others. All of us working at On-Site have extensive experience in the field of shipping, but not least in the field of exhibition freight forwarding and the special challenges that comes with it. Hundreds of fairs a year have made us creative magicians when it comes to problem solving. We are always prepared for things to happen and ready to act accordingly. Trade shows and events are what we do best, therefore we work exclusively with offering cost-effective solutions for exhibition freight forwarding. Many of our customers have been with
us for 15 years, we see this as a confirmation that our way of doing things works.

What can we do for you?

Size does not matter to us, we’re equally happy to work with large corporations as well as small businesses. If you’re attending a show and have exhibition material in need of transport, then we have a solution.

Get in touch, and we’ll talk further!





Proud member of IELA – global network, local knowledge. IELA is a worldwide trade association dedicated to enhancing
the professionalism of the transportation logistics and freight handling segments of the exhibition & event industry.

The world is our workplace

Each year we make sure our clients exhibition material arrives at hundreds of trade shows and events all over the world – and then comes back home again. Through the years, our job has taken us to every continent
– and together with our competent agents we make sure you get the best possible service, no matter where on earth your event takes place.


Want to know more? Contact us.



Event calendar

Here’s a selection of events we deliver goods to:






Interlift, Augsburg

BBWF, Amsterdam
Batimat, Paris

Anuga, Köln

MIAC, Lucca





Minex, Izmir

Kormarine, Busan

Marintec, Shanghai

Tokyo Motorshow, Tokyo





ASCB, Washington

Convencion Internacional de Mineria, Acapulco

ASM Heat Treatment, Detroit

NBAA, Las Vegas



And many more. We go everywhere! 


NEVA 2019

September 17-20 St. Petersburg

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22 Dec, 2020

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!
29 Apr, 2020

Covid 19 update

Please note that our office is closed due to the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak. We are working from home, and reduced hours.   E-mails will be read sporadically.   Thank you for your understanding.   Stay safe and sound, Together
19 Dec, 2019

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We are closed from 21 Dec to 2 January. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
08 Apr, 2019

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16 Jan, 2019

News re On-Site Denmark ApS

Please click on the headline to find information and facts re our sister Company in Denmark.

Contact us

 Michael Classon

 tel: +46 (0)31 707 35 04
 mob: +46 (0)720 90 22 46
 e-mail: michael@onsitegroup.se





Margitta Ekholm

tel: +46 (0)31 707 34 38
mob: +46 (0)706 15 52 40
e-mail: margitta@onsitegroup.se


Peter Widman

tel: +46 (0)31 707 30 84
mob: +46 (0)708 21 19 92
e-mail: peter@onsitegroup.se


 Stina Öhman

 tel: +46 (0)31 707 30 54 
 mob: +46 (0)722 33 42 22
 e-mail: stina@onsitegroup.se


Daniel Forsell

tel: +46 (0)31 707 34 08
mob: +46 (0)703 15 23 33
e-mail: daniel@onsitegroup.se



Lena Widman

tel: +46 (0)31 707 30 37
mob: +46 (0)708 39 87 11
e-mail: lena@onsitegroup.se



Frasse, Charlie & Tage

e-mail: info@onsitegroup.se





On-Site Group in Scandinavia

We also have representation in our neighboring
countries. Here, you’ll find more information about our offices in Norway and Denmark.


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